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NBC features Network Marketing as a way to increase income

Due to the economy being a bit slow and in some cases very down network marketing is being looked at in more of a positive light.  In the past many frowned on network marketing and did not see it as a viable option to earn an extra income.  This outlook may be changing.

Here is a video from NBC News:

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Doing something good for others feels wonderful

Today I had a good friend contact me with the news that her hours were cut and work. She was very worried and was focusing on what she could cut out to make ends meet. I completely understand where she is at and how she feels, but, I thought her focus should be on how to make up the lost income instead of where to cut from. This provided me with a mission …. to help her with her problem.

In talking, well chatting via IM for a while we got onto the subject of what she could do to increase the income.  Our conversation was a great one and from it she is going to embark on something she loves to do write and do so in a way you can bring in an income.   Her focus is shifting from one of lack to one of prosperity with a purpose.

I am very excited for her and feel really good, because I was able to help her and will continue to help her get set up online with a web site and some methods that she can use to give back to others and generate an income.

I know she is excited, but I have to say I am so excited for her and have a great feeling knowing that I had a part to play in working on creating a bad situation into a good one.

One thing we often over look in our fast paced life is the benefit and rewards that we can gain when we do something for others.  It is a great feeling to make a difference in someone’s life.  If you aren’t making a difference in someone’s life I challenge you to try to do something each day or at least at minimum once a week that makes a difference in someones life.  You will benefit someone as well as reap several benefits yourself.

Are you going to finish strong ???

I am sure that many of you have had set-backs in life that have just made you feel like you can’t get up and keep on going - I know I have.  Life can be tough and deal us some pretty tough hands sometimes, but it is up to us on how we handle these set-backs.

If you are able to work through life’s challenges you will be a stronger person and you will finish strong.

Here is a video to provide you a lot of inspiration on getting back up and finishing strong

Will Smith has the right idea

Join me on the Million Mind March Community Calls to spend more time with others that believe as Will Smith does

Monday and Tuesday nights 9:27pm est. 641-594-7000 pin #600088

Do you make others feel important

Tonight I listened in on a call about creating the proper mindset and was very impressed with what I heard.

I am sure that you have heard all about the law of attraction and how you should focus on what you want and create dream boards along with other methods to help you achieve what you are after…  and I think these are good things - but - are they the right things?

In this call the idea of taking the focus off of yourself and turning it to others was shared.  Sure it is great to focus on what you want and where you want to go, but by turning your focus to others and helping them see how great they are and empowering them to do great things you accomplish so much more.  You remove the focus on any struggles you may be dealing with and you build up others helping them achieve and ultimately helping yourself achieve.

Help others feel important and valued and feel that they are successful and they will seek your company and your knowledge and you and those that you make feel important will all achieve a higher level of success.

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